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Historically, the criminal law has been, and continues to be, the cornerstone of sexual oppression. The federal government must acknowledge the wrongs done and take steps to make it right.


1: Thank you again for a great presentation this morning! I really appreciated your thorough & extensive coverage of history!

            2: Your presentation yesterday at the “Aging with Pride” workshop was very informative and I would love to have access to that information if you would be so kind as to share your slides with me.  I think it is so valuable to have this history because it does help us to understand how oppression was started and continues to perpetuate.

3: “Your presentation was excellent.”
     4: It was great to hear you speak at the Aging with Pride 2.0 workshop. It was a great historical perspective on homosexuality, one that I didn’t even really know as a lesbian.  It really allows us to educate others.  I am hoping to do some work in my field with the palliative care and end of life perspective at my workplace.

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